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Welcome to Norton Notary Agency, your go-to source for ​professional notarization services. Under the leadership of our ​certified notary public, Marcus Norton, we offer efficient, reliable, and ​expert assistance for all your notarial needs. Our expertise spans a ​wide range of services including legal document notarization, ​affidavits, power of attorney, and signature witnessing.

Understanding the critical nature of your documents, we ensure ​every notarization aligns with state laws and uphold the highest ​standards of confidentiality and precision. Our flexible approach ​includes mobile notary services, catering to your convenience and ​schedule.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, Norton Notary Agency is ​committed to a seamless, trustworthy, and satisfactory notarial ​experience. Customize this to match your unique services and ​approach for a personalized touch.

Norton Notary Agency

Mobile Notary Services

General Notary

General Notar​y

Deeds, Title Transfer, ​Business Legal Documents, ​Business contracts, Power ​of Attorney

Real Estate Notary

Re​al Estate Notary

Seller & Buyer ​Packages, Refinances, ​Home Equity Loans

Remote otary

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In choosing Norton Notary Agency, you’re not ​just notarizing documents; you’re ensuring ​peace of mind with every stamp. Trust, ​precision, convenience – that’s the Norton ​promise. Thank you for choosing excellence in ​notarization.

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